Fraddy Consultancy


Fraddy Consultancy offers E-Learning and One-on-One tutoring for the following;

  • International Certification in Occupational Health and Safety Level -3
  • Diploma In Occupational Safety and Health Level 6 (British Safety Council)
  • International Diploma In Occupational Safety and Health.

Have you been trying to acquire any of the above mentioned courses and failed? Cry no more, we are at your footsteps to ensure that all your worries are get best answers.

We provide training on how to develop the followings;

  • Lifting Plan
  • Traffic management
  • Logistic plan
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Response plan

We also issue tutoring on how to develop a standard Risk assessment as per the methodology of the work activity

Fraddy Consultancy is one of the top intern firms in the United Arab Emirates, ready to help interns launch their careers.

Submit a 1-minute application today to see which Internship positions you get matched with!

Available Internship Openings:

  • Construction Site Management
  • Environmental Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • “Others” approved by site supervisor

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We also provide site internship based on the clients’ request. We are one call away. Try us and share the testimony.

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